Leatherwear constitutes a fundamental part of the fashion industry- the high quality of the products created has enabled it to reach a level of international notoriety, generating the haven of production of the most important luxury brands, who have undertaken important investments in the region.


The leatherwear industry, therefore, creates an enormous quantity of special waste, which consists primarily of leather waste and offcuts. A large part of this waste could be recycled and used to generate further value in the region in which they are worked.


We promote the reuse and recycling of leather with the ultimate aim of supporting aritsans and small entrepeneurs, giving them the possibility to purchase recycled- and therefore more economically accessible- materials.
Our laboratory has become the new home for advances in leather. Designers and artisans physically purchase and sell the recycled materials, preventing them from being disposed in incinerators or ending up in landfills. Thus, they harness their own creativity to reduce wastage.

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