The first hub for sustainable fashion

The first hub for the recycling of leather waste

Learn about our world of sustainability, circularity and artisan craft

We’re the place in which artisan traditions are studied and applied to upcycling.
Come find us, start collaborating with the best designers and artisans. Spread circular Made in Italy culture.


Storage and Fulfillment

We’ll take care of your products and their shipment and potential return- now’s the time to retire your garage!

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Accessory development

We’ll support your projects in relation to accessories (and much else), from the conception, creative design, and prototyping through to the industrialisation of your product.

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Photographic Studio

Organise a shoot with us, even from faraway! Whether it’s a still life or an editorial photo, our photographic set is equipped with everything needed for the creation of your brand’s image and the maximum enhancement of your product. 

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There’s no better place than our Showroom to exhibit your products. Thanks to our high number of daily visitors, we can give your creations the visibility they need, and they can be sold directly in our space.

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Our coworking is the perfect habitat to be immersed in the creative synergies of the timeless art of leatherwear. Learn about our rates and book your desk now!

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Booking Machinery

In our artisanal coworking, you will find machinery and workspaces equipped with everything needed to make your project a reality. Learn now about our rates.

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Buy leather by square meter

Learn about our selection of recycled leather and give life to your project.  

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Buy offcuts by Kg

Purchase our offcuts and give a second life to our leather with your creations.  

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Recycling of businesses’ waste

Bring us your production waste and help us give them a second life! We’ll take care of your waste and hand it to our designers and artisans to help them complete their creations.

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Experiences for tourists

We organise personalised experiences for tourists who want to immerse themselves fully in the traditional art of Florentine leatherwear.  

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Professional Development

Would you like to learn the timeless art of leatherwear but don’t know where to begin? Contact us to learn about our range of courses and workshops and book at your convenience!   

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Events & Talks

We organise Workshops for development and the divulgation of artisan tastes, through the development and training of exhibitions and shows on the history of leatherwear.   

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We renew artisan tradition as an instrument of sustainability, in which every material, piece of machinery and utensil are used up until the last part of their life cycle.

Our space arose with the aim of encouraging creative exchange as a means of facilitating the creation of new brands in the circular economy. We promote and enhance the reuse of recycled materials to lead the way in conscious and sustainable fashion.

The recycling of leather waste

We promote the reuse and recycling of leather to support artisans and small businesses, in our space you can purchase leather, accessories and offcuts of high quality that are useful for your most original and creative creations.

Let’s fight together to enhance leather waste



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