The Certified Network Defender (C|ND) program from EC-Council is one of the few vendor-neutral network security certifications available. With a C|ND, you’ll have a strong foundation in security principles, plus an unbiased view of security practices. Most importantly, you will have a recognized qualification from an organization that employers know and trust.

What is a secure infrastructure specialist?

Earners of the CompTIA Secure Infrastructure Specialist (CSIS) certification have the knowledge and skill required to support hardware and software systems. These secure infrastructure specialists will also be able to protect an organization's assets from internal and external threats.

In today’s fast-paced, digitally-driven world, where sensitive information is constantly being exchanged across vast networks, the role of an IT Security Specialist has become crucial in safeguarding data and maintaining the integrity of organizations. In this blog post, we will delve into the dynamic and ever-evolving job profile of an IT Security Specialist, a vanguard tasked with protecting valuable digital assets against sophisticated cyber threats. Moreover, we will explore the potential salary expectations in this field, shedding light on the financial rewards commensurate with the high level of expertise and commitment demanded by this critical cybersecurity profession.


Individuals seeking Security+ certification are encouraged to review various study guides and video training materials to thoroughly prepare because the test is so comprehensive and “flying by the seat of one’s pants” is not advised. Since this is such a promising career track, today we wanted to discuss the top CompTIA Security+ salary ranges and jobs. First, let’s discuss what the CompTIA Security+ certification is, and what it means. Cybersecurity organizations are a great way for those in the industry to keep up with current happenings, collaborate with like-minded individuals and more. • Design and implement network infrastructure according to business requirements.

Employers will look for someone with strong soft skills, including communication, teamwork, and an analytical approach to thinking. Your long-term career path includes some excellent options, including network security senior architect, or even chief information security officer. Corporate networks are under constant threat, which means they need skilled professionals to help keep them safe.


The University of San Diego, which offers a highly regarded online Master of Science in Cyber Security Operations and Leadership, also publishes a Cyber Blog featuring ongoing reports on the cybersecurity employment landscape. Traditionally, network operations and IT professionals and teams handled core technology functions. But now that our world has become so heavily dependent on using advanced technology for practically everything, the stakes are higher than ever. Keep in mind that most employers won’t expect you to have all of these certifications.

  • Since this is such a promising career track, today we wanted to discuss the top CompTIA Security+ salary ranges and jobs.
  • It demonstrates a candidate’s knowledge and skills in cybersecurity, opens up a wide range of job opportunities, and can lead to competitive salaries and ongoing professional development.
  • Businesses rely on network engineers to maintain the computer networks that allow users to share resources and work efficiently.
  • The person responsible of designing and assessing the security systems within an organization.
  • They also need to plan and determine what actions will be taking place to improve security measures.

They can gain experience through positions, like Systems Administrator, Network Administrator, or Network Engineer. Junior positions, like Junior Cybersecurity Specialist, are easier to land and provide a generous amount of on-the-job training. Now that you know how much you can earn on the most common cybersecurity roles, have you made up your mind on which one you want to become? Cybersecurity is one of the most rewarding and lucrative fields, but it takes a lot of studying and practicing to reach the highest levels. The person responsible of designing and assessing the security systems within an organization. As parts of their responsibilities, they need to conduct tests and attempt to exploit computer systems, software, and policies to detect any weakness.

CompTIA Secure Infrastructure Specialist – CSIS Stackable Certification

There are different variables such as your expertise, skills, certifications, employer, and location. Before diving headfirst into the exciting world of network engineering, take a minute to think about what you actually want to do in the field. Network engineering encompasses many specialties, so choosing your area of interest helps you take a more targeted approach to developing your skills. Since 1997, MeasureUp has been the leading provider of certification practice tests and assessments for IT professionals.

They should have a thorough knowledge of antivirus and malware protection systems, and be able to determine the most appropriate one for their organization. They should be prepared to continue business as usual even during disaster recovery, which means maintaining backups for business continuity. IT Security Specialists must stay up-to-date on the latest security systems trends, hack methods, and systems updates to keep their system running smoothly and safely. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics is a trusted source of information about countless job categories and includes listings packed with data about the future job outlook for a wide variety of occupations. At the present time, one of the few cybersecurity positions it tracks is also one of the most common — information security analyst.